I have been taking a course from Seth Godin called The Marketing Seminar. We are about a third the way through it and when it comes up again, I highly recommend you take it.

One of the videos that Seth showed during the seminar is this one from Mad Men called The Carousel. I had seen it many times before, but every time I watch it, I see lightning in a bottle.

For you see, it is how words, images and timing can evoke such strong emotions that it can carry us through time to a place where warm and happy memories exist. That is the goal of great marketing.. . to touch the soul. To evoke emotions in people that already exists, tie them to hope and associate the entire package with your brand.

It is not easy and really happens once or twice for a brand in a lifetime if they are one of the lucky few. There are many good ads out there, that make people feel, hope and dream, but there are only a rare few that tie those dreams to a product or service over a lifetime.
We will always have the Kodak Moments. . . enjoy them. . they are precious beyond words!

by Ben Baker on December 14, 2017

Interim CMO, Consultant, Educator, Speaker!

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