Many companies lack operating in a manifested approach towards establishing the right way in sustaining the adequate human force to meet the strategic and operational plans for the organization. Starts with that job not being done by an HR expert in the first place, or with an incompetent one. Let alone that the belief in strategic HR planning is weak and perhaps nonexistent, considered as a luxury more than a necessity.

The worker/employee’s time in most cases has been consumed in a negative way. The way in which the idea was to suck the life out of him/her in return to the amount of money being paid. The idea is similar to that of ripping the whole tree in the process of attaining all the apples. Instead you can pick one, two or even 10 yet enable the tree to live and grow. Water it perhaps, give back!

It is your responsibility to give back, develop these individuals, train them, ensure they are in the right place, ensure they are satisfied to the desired level, and once you feel you are enable to fulfill that to an employee, facilitate his departure or move to a better place.

The role of HR was always meant to partner with senior management, to align the manpower, most vital resources with the business vision and mission. To empower them, and everything around them.
With social responsibility always in mind, giving back and remember what goes around comes around. Being part of a larger role in life.

Additionally, a human being always desires to be essential, needed, and substantial, it is important to outline roles in a very vivid manner. This results in real jobs, not redundant ones. Then you can know how to measure performance based on specific indicators, then rectify and develop.

Finally, operational goals need to have KPI’s to monitor and track them, which will enable you to develop them later. Automating processes is key to achieving that, through providing solid process line to each procedure, hence enabling more accuracy and efficiency.

We can achieve business objectives not by overlooking the human element, but only by empowering them.

by Mubarak Bamatraf on December 11, 2017

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