Most companies perceive that they communicate effectively internally. . . but do they?

Yes, companies invest heavily in communication tools. The Slack channels, the wiki, the company newsletter and the like, but just because you are constantly putting information out there, there is no guarantee that it is being heard, let alone understood.

In today’s fast pace world, we rely on technology. Why do something face to face when a technology platform will accomplish it more efficiently? Meetings can be shortened, or done away with, back and forth email chains are lessened and your remote workforce is kept in the loop. All of this would be wonderful. . . if only it were true.

People need to be communicated in ways that they can not only comprehend, but can internalize and interpolate. They need to understand what is happening and why within an organization. The major reason for this is so that they can appreciate how what they do, helps achieve the overall goals of the company.

The why is the thing that is missing from most company’s communication strategy. Companies are very good at telling people what they are doing, but tend to be a little skinny on the details as to why they are doing it. This is a major flaw with most internal communication, which leads to disengagement, frustration and eventually causes many great employees to leave the company.

It is imperative that your employees understand your goals and direction, your values and your vision and most importantly . . . your brand story! How can you expect them to comprehend why they do, what they do and see purpose in their work without that information? How do you expect them to be excited about the victories of the company if they do not understand why these are victories in the first place? How can you expect them to tell the story of the value of the brand if they do not understand it themselves?

Take the time to develop an effective plan to communicate what you do and why, on an on-going basis, to all your employees and I know that you will see major changes within your organization for the better.

by Ben Baker on November 2, 2017

Interim CMO, Consultant, Educator, Speaker!

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