Expert Referral and Revenue Program

As recruiters you are the Experts on People. You know the recruitment environment and have an extensive network of professionals – freelancers, permanently employed and job seekers.

So where do you come in? We need your freelance assistance with the recruitment of experts on the platform. As discussed, we have put together a expert referral and revenue model for you: For each Expert you recruit you will be paid E2. The approved expert need to be active on the Take Answers platform for 90 days since recruitment and have at least transactions to the value of E25 over the 90 day period We will supply you with a Recruitment code that will be unique to your name and profile and the experts you recruit need to use this code when signing up – this way we will know that the referral came from you and we will be able to do the payouts Please share your CV with if you are interested and we will review and send you your recruitment code to kick-off the process. We will also supply you with a recruitment letter you can use to share with your network and connections Please in the mean time sign-up as an expert and don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and feedback at