Recently, we’ve seen local ads that created a buzz among marketers on LinkedIn; some were supporters, others opposed, while few remained neutrals. The ads varied from video to social media posts to sky mupis. Yet, they all shared a common denominator, the attempt to play on emotional values than functional.

I’m not saying it’s the wrong strategy. As a matter of fact, it’s the right one. However, it’s an attempt that failed on triggering the right emotions; WHY?

In order to answer this, you need to understand the three psychological concepts that explain what would make consumers love your brand. These principles – Emotional Decision-Making, Identity, and Social Identity will help you better understand what motivates your customers. In addition to that, you need to study the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Aristotle’s Seven Causes of Human Action that can be directly applied to consumer behavior and brand marketing. To be a powerful memorable brand, you need to distinguish your brand in the connotation – not just the denotation – of the value proposition. Before launching any campaign regardless of the medium, as a brand owner you must take control of the direction and the execution and ensure it is in-line with your brand image and values; your marketing agency should never take control of your brand.

Remember, Consumers give your brand the value by developing perceptions and expectations. You as a brand on the other hand need to enhance that value by delivering consistent brand experiences that those consumers can trust. After all, your brand is what can inspire people to think. Launching campaigns left, right, and center with inconsistent messaging and visuals is a brand killer.

by Bandar H. Al-Shamrani on January 3, 2018

Expert in Marketing

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