• Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Branding & Marketing

    Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency

    I have to agree with Peter Drucker, the author of the book The Effective Executive, when he explain the difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Are You Building a Resilient Brand?

    Branding & Marketing

    Are You Building a Resilient Brand?

    After running the Begin your own tradition campaign for 13 years, Patek Philippe launched their new global campaign titled Generations in 2013. The single common underlying theme between both campaigns is the iconic

  • Brands and Feelings

    Branding & Marketing

    Brands and Feelings

    Recently, we’ve seen local ads that created a buzz among marketers on LinkedIn; some were supporters, others opposed, while few remained neutrals.The ads varied from video to social media posts to sky mupis.

  • Rogue Spending

    Branding & Marketing

    Rogue Spending

    Do you know how much your organization spends on branded merchandise? You’re not alone if you don’t. Branded merchandise includes anything from company uniforms, giveaways, writing instruments, awards, and any other

  • The Brand Evolution :From Many To One

    Independent Brand Strategy

    The Brand Evolution :From Many To One

    Are burgeoning brand portfolios becoming difficult to manage? Is maintaining and strengthening individual positioning platforms for portfolio brands increasingly becoming a challenge? Some of the recent trends in brand architecture seem to be hinting towards the same.

  • Lightning in a Bottle

    Branding & Marketing

    Lightning in a Bottle

    I have been taking a course from Seth Godin called The Marketing Seminar. We are about a third the way through it and when it comes up again, I highly recommend you take it.One of the videos that Seth showed during the seminar is this one from Mad Men called The Carousel.

  • HR - Business Processes Automation Expert


    HR - Business Processes Automation Expert

    Many companies lack operating in a manifested approach towards establishing the right way in sustaining the adequate human force to meet the strategic and operational plans for the organization. Starts with that job not being done by an HR expert in the first place,

  • The future of branding (or

    Branding & Marketing

    The future of branding (or "choices")

    The future of branding will not be defined by the platforms available, and nor will it be defined by what marketers can do on those platforms. It will be defined by how we make "choices" and the factors that influence or are going to influence our decision-making.

  • From Early-stage Start-up to Sure Success


    From Early-stage Start-up to Sure Success

    Startup success is not just easy and quick, but does require pathways to persistence. Well, if you have access to expert advice that can help you push your predictions to accomplishments, then that’s a great opportunity for your startup to pick up momentum and thrive for sustainable business and eventual success.