Creating a community where advice seekers and verified experts work together for a better future.

Take Answers

Take Answers is an app that makes personalized expert advice more accessible than ever.

A New Model of Consultancy

We connect clients who need to make the right decisions, with verified experts who can provide them with the right advice to handle their business situations, all in complete privacy – because we know this is key to trustworthy and long-standing relationships.

By using Take Answers, clients receive valuable personalized expert advice that is traditionally inaccessible, creating the right conditions to let their business thrive. On the other hand, experts seeking to launch or amplify their consultancy careers get to work conveniently on their own schedule, and from the comfort of their own locations, creating value whenever and wherever they are.

This new model of consultancy is designed to create a community where advice-seekers and verified experts work together for a better future.

Our Background

Take Answers started in 2016 when our Founder, Said Baaghil, was looking for unconventional ways to connect with his clients while traveling around the world – a model that traditional consultancy simply could not offer at that time.

Take Answers has recently been acquired by visionary investor Hashim Alesayi.

Today, we are a diverse team of multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs, innovators, and business consultants. Having been on both sides of the table allowed us to develop solutions in the interest of both clients and experts.

Take Answers is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.